Implementing sustainable development, the Emperor Group Centre ushers in a new stage of office space utilization


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The Emperor Group Centre is the headquarters project of the Emperor Group in mainland China. Located in the Yong’anli business district of the CBD of Chang'an Avenue in the core of Beijing, it is surrounded by embassies, five-star hotels and grade-A office buildings, and is a place for elites to gather and interact. The Emperor Group Centre has always attached great importance on nurturing the sustainable development capabilities of the enterprise and is committed to becoming a leader in high-end business, an exponent of the ideal office environment, and a model of employee care and human-centric development. Entering 2022, while maintaining steady business operations, the Emperor Group Centre will comprehensively implement the green concept of integrating sustainable development with environmental protection, and constantly pursue the harmonious and sustainable development of the economy, environment, and the community.

Adhering to the original intention while keeping up with the times to foster economic development and human-centric construction

Since its establishment, the Emperor Group Centre has proactively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and adhered to the strategy of sustainable development. It continues to realize social value while creating economic value, sharing its warmth with the people and organizations that have established contact with Emperor Group Centre. When it comes to urban economic development, the Emperor Group Centre has become a landmark building in the core business district of Yong'anli, Chang'an Street CBD, Beijing, with its unparalleled intrinsic urban resources. Actively responding to the capital's commercial positioning policy, the Group has congregated exquisite brands for their “first-store” debut and high-quality catering brands, creating a fashion brand activity weather vane, and has deployed new infrastructure for digital consumption. It has implemented the relevant provisions of the "Implementation Plan for Cultivation and Construction of an International Consumption Center City," and has consistently tapped the potential to nurture the industry. With these efforts, it is injecting new vitality into the city and promoting the organic renewal of the city, while enhancing the international competitiveness of the consumption cluster in the central urban area of Beijing.

Backed by its extraordinary strength, the Emperor Group Centre has been awarded the "Six-star Super Grade-A Building" certificate for several consecutive years, and the "CBD Commercial Building Quality Grade Certification" issued by the Beijing Central Business District Management Committee. With attention to every detail and adhering to the concept of sustainable development, the Emperor Group Centre is set to carve its niche in history and become an international business landmark, which is contemporary and forward-looking.

Leveraging digital platforms to promote low-carbon, green, and healthy life

The Emperor Group Centre has built a cloud asset management platform with Mingyuanyun to build a digital asset management and operation system. The platform is now operational and has been made possible with the unremitting efforts of both parties. It addresses the digital asset management reform while improving the efficiency of operation growth. The electronic digital management platform is designed to reduce energy consumption and gradually realize the ideal of "paperless" offices, to promote low-carbon, energy-saving, and sustainable development.

The building is also equipped with equipment for discarded masks, scientific prevention measures, and focuses on intensive training for all staff on issues pertaining to environmental protection, including topics such as imparting knowledge about epidemic prevention and garbage segregation. The Group has inculcated the motto “Starting from small things around you, let us make green and low-carbon life a habit.”

The Emperor Group has also actively responded to several community initiatives. It recently participated in the "Social Organization Participation in Tobacco Control Action" jointly launched by China Charity Alliance and Yao Foundation, and is a signatory to the "Social Organization Tobacco Control Proposal," calling on tenants and consumers in the building to move closer to nature, stay away from tobacco, and build a green homeland together.

Giving back to further the interests of society to build a harmonious society and promote community integration

The Emperor Group Centre Beijing is the office building of the Emperor Group's mainland headquarters. Showcasing the Group’s social and humanistic environment construction, it resolutely shoulders the mission of developing public welfare undertakings guided by the astute leadership of the Emperor Group Chairman Dr. Albert Yeung. Integrating intelligent office spaces and commercial consumption collaboration spaces is a strategy conducive to keep the fire of charity burning, fueling the Group’s corporate responsibility commitments. It successfully organized a series of themed cultural and entertainment activities, which included planned multi-dimensional activities with the main tenants in the building. The Group’s efforts extended into the community as well, and it jointly carried out charity activities to help the elderly, promoting the noble traditions of the Chinese nation and demonstrating the social responsibility of contemporary enterprises.

A team of volunteers from the Emperor Group and tenants in the building created a warm and cheerful atmosphere as they celebrated the festival with a number of seniors living alone in Yong’anli Community, Jianwai Street, Beijing

Fulfilling duties, implementing green empowerment, and creating energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings

The Emperor Group Centre strictly implements national and local green building standards in the field of green construction. With a LEED gold certification issued by United States Green Building Council, the Emperor Group Centre has also acquired three major international standards certifications—the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system, and the OSO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system. With respect to interior space design, the Emperor Group Centre provides an ideal green office ambience for business elites, and the advanced intelligent office space stimulates and promotes teamwork. The aesthetic outdoor garden landscape purifies ambient air and reduces noise. It integrates seamlessly with the surrounding streets and the community environment, providing urban office-goers with a serene garden space to stroll in, relax their mind, and enjoy nature’s tranquility. Letting nature and life breathe together is particularly important during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The partially shaded gardens embellished with scattered trees and shrubs burst with colorful flowers, creating a visual delight

High technology scripts the future, accelerating the implementation of sustainable development

From design to operation, from operation to refinement, the Emperor Group Centre’s name resonates with "high-quality office buildings" and "high-end urban complexes." The Group continues in its endeavors to fortify hardware infrastructure and business facilities with high-end technology to improve service quality. The Emperor Group Centre advocates digital and intelligent office spaces and has introduced high-end commercial service systems into office spaces, thereby enabling enterprises to build a complete industrial ecological chain. It has brought in technological elements and activated fast charging piles with the latest technology, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience. Its green infrastructure allows new energy electric vehicle owners to pursue convenience while doing their bit for environmental protection. The encryption-enabled elevator control integration improves efficiency for scientific operation, enhances office safety, and truly realizes "worry-free" management.

The Emperor Group Centre brims with confidence as it looks forward to a more exciting future

China's economy has embarked on the pace of high-quality development as it enters the new era and adapts to the new normal. Looking ahead, the Emperor Group Centre will also move forward. By adhering to the concept of sustainable development, deploying and continuously modernizing hard-core facilities, backed by international operation systems and able professional services, it aims to create an exemplary, green, high-end commercial building brand on par with international standards while comprehensively nurturing the high-end business scene in the CBD.

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