Emperor Group successfully gains cross-class protection for invalid counterfeit trademark via judicial recognition


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Following China National Intellectual Property Administration’s recognition of "Emperor" and "Emperor Watch and Jewellery" as well-known trademarks in 2019, Emperor Group is now pleased to announce that it recently received further affirmation from the Beijing Higher People's Court, which determined that the trademarks of Emperor Group's “Emperor Watch and Jewellery and the crown-shaped icon” constitute well-known trademarks for its "jewelry and gemstone" commodities. The court fully recognizes Emperor Group’s brand management over the years.

Well-known trademark recognized again

Previously, there was an administrative dispute over a request to invalidate the trademark "Emperor International" that had been registered by a third party applicant, the Beijing Higher People's Court ultimately made a second-instance administrative judgment, determining that the referenced trademark of Emperor Group's "Emperor Watch and Jewellery" had constituted a well-known trademark for its "jewelry and  gemstone" commodities before January 18, 2013. Furthermore, the court ruled that the third party's application for registration of a disputed trademark violated the provisions of the 2014 Trademark Law and misled the public, thus harming the interests of the Emperor Group. Finally, the disputed trademark was declared to be invalid.

The logo of Emperor International applied by a third-party that has been declared invalid

From a legal standpoint, this victory represents a milestone for the Emperor Group's efforts to gain legal rights protection afterwards . This judgment is the first time that the Emperor Group has obtained a well-known trademark by judicial recognition. This case not only overturns the original ruling handed down by China National Intellectual Property Administration, but also further reifies Emperor Group's "Emperor Watch and Jewellery" (Emperor Watch and Jewellery and the crown-shaped icon) trademark as a well-known trademark, thus fully recognizing the brand management of Emperor Group over the years.

Founded as a humble watch retailer in 1942, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified conglomerate of businesses that includes property, financial services, watch and jewellery, entertainment and culture, hospitality, digital media and home living. Six companies within the Group are listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Its cornerstone business "Emperor Watch and Jewellery" mainly sells internationally-renowned timepieces and high-end jewelry that are independently designed. Its distribution network covers Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, but the company is also stationed in Singapore and Malaysia. Emperor Watch and Jewellery Limited (stock code: 887), like several companies under the Group’s umbrella, is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


Regarding brand management and value-added analysis, the Emperor Group's well-known brand has been judicially confirmed by the Beijing Higher People's Court. This recognition effectively protects the Emperor Group's trademark and brand, clarifies the brand's property status, and further promotes the company's long-lasting brand development.

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