Charity is a way of life at the Beijing Emperor Group Centre


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The price of happiness is hard work, the price of success is adversity, and even if it's a source of sadness, regrets motivate us to keep working toward our goals. In the blink of an eye, the Year of the Rabbit has arrived. Since the start of a new year is a time for fresh beginnings, the Emperor Group Centre is extending an invitation to participate in charitable events.


The Party Committee of Yong'anli Community, Jianwai Street awarded Emperor Group the honorary title "Excellent Unit of 2022"

Recently, Emperor Group received the honorary title of "Excellent Unit of 2022" from the Party Construction Coordinating Committee of Yong'anli Community, Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing for the company's exemplary contributions to the integration and sustainable development of the local community. Emperor Group Centre, the mainland headquarters of the Emperor Group, has always been devoted to sustainable development and to being a welcoming and ethical business. ’We contribute to make the Yong’anli neighborhood a better place to live and to enhance the quality of life for the people who call this place theirs. The Group's leadership, headed by Dr.Albert Yeung, has been widely lauded for its commitment to public welfare through sustained investment in areas including senior care, resource distribution, and ecological preservation.

Mei Zhihua (in the middle), Yong'anli Community, Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, presented honorary medals to representatives of Emperor Group Centre

The Emperor Group Centre and the Yong'anli Community on Jianwai Street have collaborated for years of time to ensure that the elderly in the area always feel the warmth of the "Making elders enjoy care, independence, achievement, and entertainment" philosophy. We also organised "going out" activities, where the elderly are invited to the Emperor Group Centre to socialize with the volunteers, in addition to our "going in" to the surrounding communities. Furthermore, we strengthened our relationships with the building's major occupants and the surrounding community in a variety of ways. As an illustration, we recently collaborated with Chef Nic Lab to host a family dinner called "Love of Chef Nic" at which we served a variety of nutritious cuisine to the elderly people of the neighborhood. 'Elderly Fitness Day' is an event we conducted in collaboration with Will's, a prominent lifestyle brand in the building, with the hope of encouraging the elderly population to take up regular exercise. To further enhance the leisure time of the elderly in the community, we also host various movie viewing events in Emperor Cinemas.

Various forms of activities to help the elderly in the neighboring communities enrich their entertainment and leisure life

The Emperor Group Centre used the benefits of the business sector and its own resources to run the "Free Movie" promotion at the most recent Double Eleven event. Starting from movies, we are working to foster the growth of cultural and creative industries across the region by providing an emotionally satisfying and pleasantly surprising audio-visual feast for consumers and locals alike.

Emperor Group Centre's Double Eleven Cultural Industry Support Featured Theme Activities

This is Emperor Group Centre's third year taking part in the China Charity Alliance's "Doing Charity in the New Year" event. We are fully on board with the concept of this event.   Together with Emperor Cinemas, Emperor Entertainment Group artists Joey Yung, Charlene Choi, and Gillian Chung are launching a multimedia campaign to encourage people to undertake good deeds to ring in the new year. Vice Chairman of Emperor Group Mr. Alex Yeung also shared a message during the event, encouraging everyone to carry on the tradition of philanthropy and to take note of the development of the youth.

We plan to keep leading by example and upholding our commitment to CSR in the future. We call on everyone to get involved in charitable endeavors, to be the pioneers and volunteers of "New Year Charity" to feel the love and support of those around them, and to normalize acts of charity and public good. Let's spend 2023 working together to build strong bonds via acts of kindness big and small.
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