Brand introduction

  • Pacific Coffee

    Pacific Coffee

    Established in Hong Kong in 1992, Pacific Coffee has become part of China Resources Vanguard, the retail subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise since 2010.Pacific Coffee is positioned as an “Affordable Luxury” by adding more business and cultural atmosphere to the traditional coffee shops.

    Shop location:109

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  • Wagas


    Operating a series of coffee and restaurant brand with various concepts in China, WAGAS has won many awards and become one of the favorite restaurants highly rated by foreign professionals for their fresh and healthy dishes.

    Shop location:111

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  • Steakhouse


    A romantic French-style restaurant, mainly offering grilled steaks, Cantonese and Japanese cuisine. With elegant and transcendent environment, it incorporates modern elements into the traditional European style, making the entire restaurant romantic, relaxing, and classy. 

    Shop location:201

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  • Hong Men Jin Tang

    Hong Men Jin Tang

    Hong Men Jin Tang Hong Kong-style Seafood Hot Pot includes signature thick chicken soup made with a fish maw and seafood base, tender, juicy, and uniformly textured Australian Wagyu beef as the main dish, accompanied by a variety of fresh air-shipped seafood. Michelin one-star chef Mr. Li Haigao is in charge of the delightful spread. In addition to enjoying their fresh delicacies in the store premises, you can also enjoy their "takeaway service". 

    Shop location:202

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  • Yue Hai Yu Ji

    Yue Hai Yu Ji

    The restaurant at Emperor Group Centre has been focusing on the production and promotion of authentic Wenzhou cuisine over the past 20 years. Its featured products are seafood dishes originating from Wenzhou and Chaozhou, characteristic small bites of Chaozhou as well as other innovative dishes bringing anauthentic, unique, fresh and delicious taste. Accompanied by a luxury ambiance and exquisite décor, it is the perfect choice for business banquets.

    Shop location:205

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  • Chao Hao Wei

    Chao Hao Wei

    Established in 1997, Chao Hao Wei  presents Chaoshan specialties. Fine dining packed with Chaoshan flavor as well as innovative interpretations of classic dishes that are a visual treat and a culinary delight. Invite your friends over and let go of your workplace stress with this unique store experience! This gourmet cuisine is sure to soothe everyone’s hearts.

    Shop location:302B

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