About Emperor Group

Founded as a humble watch retailer in 1942, Emperor Group has grown and expanded into a diversified conglomerate of businesses that includes Property, Financial Services, Watch and Jewellery, Entertainment & Culture, Hospitality, Digital Media and Home Living.

      Seven companies within the Group are listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. The diversified businesses of Emperor Group enable it to become a key player across various industries. Furthermore, the interaction and collaboration among business groups have created synergy, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and achieved resource-sharing, further improving the competitiveness of the Group. The business groups can reap benefits from the outstanding results or unique potentials of one another, leveraging the advantages to create greater effectiveness collectively. Emperor Group truly treasures this strength. For many years, the Group has cultivated a corporate culture, which emphasizes close synergy among its various businesses. The Group is proud to have a team that comes from different backgrounds and professions yet able to work closely with one another.     

Core Businesses

Property: Emperor International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 163) is the flagship listed company of Emperor Group's property business. Established in 1990, we have been constantly expanding our businesses and actively engaged in property investments, property development and hospitality and now owns a diverse portfolio of residential projects, industrial and commercial buildings, shopping malls, street level retail premises, hotels as well as co-working space scattered across Greater China and overseas. Many of them are situated in prime retail locations that include Russell Street of Hong Kong, Chang'an Avenue of Beijing, and Oxford Street of London. The Emperor Group Centre Beijing has been awarded the honor of “6-Star Super A-level Building” by Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee and the “China Golden Landmark Award for Office Buildings”, successfully establishing an image of world-class commercial building.

Financial services: At the end of the 1980s, Hong Kong's economy took off and the market investment trend became more and more popular. The atmosphere prompted the Group to firstly get involved in investment and international financial markets. Emperor Financial Group and Emperor Capital Group were developed one after another.

Emperor Financial Group was officially established in 1978, mainly engaged in forex and precious metal trading, and also provides global trading products such as energies and stock indices.

Emperor Capital Group (stock code: 717), the company listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, was established in 1993. The group provides diversified financial products, insurance services, asset management, corporate finance and loans, etc., which can fully cater the different investment needs of individuals, families and enterprises.

Watch & Jewellery: Established in 1942, Emperor Watch & Jewellery is a cornerstone of Emperor Group's business. In its early days, we were mainly a retailer of clocks and watches. However, beginning in the 60s, we started to sell fine jewellery products and later went into the design and manufacture of our own luxury line. In July 2008, Emperor Watch & Jewellery Limited (Stock code: 887) was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

Entertainment & Culture: From 1990s onwards, Emperor Group gradually expanded its business into cultural and creative industry with the setup of Emperor Entertainment Group, Emperor Motion Pictures Group and Emperor Cinemas Group. The major businesses of Emperor Entertainment Group include production and distribution of music publishing, talent management and concert production, etc. Emperor Motion Pictures Group focuses on the production, sales, and distribution of quality motion pictures. It has since grown into a leading player in the production and distribution arena with one of the most attractive film slates in the film industry. Emperor Cinemas Group includes two major cinema brands, namely Emperor Cinemas and Hong Kong label Emperor Cinemas.  In 2017, Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock code: 491) was established and listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

Hospitality: Emperor Hotels Group is a brand of superb flexibility and sky-high ideals, it is managed by Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited (Stock Code: 296). Staying in our hotels, all guests will be offered amazing services, fabulous food and unrivalled experience. Being the gold standard when it comes to Asian distinctive hospitality, we now have three hotels in Hong Kong and Macau, and three serviced apartments in Hong Kong, as well as a few others on the way as we expand into the Asia-Pacific region. Each of our hotels has an amiable ambience and world-class amenities, displaying our unwavering commitments to hospitality excellence.

New Media Group is a digital media flagship group, providing one-stop integrated advertising solutions to brand owners and advertising agencies through a number of digital media platforms. The Group currently operates nine media brands, including “Weekend Weekly”, “Oriental Sunday”, “Economic Digest”, “New Monday”, “More”, “GOtrip”, “Sunday Kiss”, as well as two brands recently introduced – “SSwagger” and “Madame Figaro”. Each brand has its dedicated content pillars covering dining and local attractions, gourmet and gastronomy, fashion and beauty, travel, entertainment news, kids and parenting, electronic gadgets and gaming, finance and investment, as well as designer and luxury labels. In July 2023, New Media Lab Limited (stock code: 1284) listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

The group omnichannel footprint and extensive data library serve to fulfil our clients’ every sales and promotional needs, from creating content, building brands, increasing loyalty, to launching tactical campaigns and expanding marketing reach in the digital world.

Home Living: Founded in 1975, Ulferts is a retailer of a wide range of exquisite European furniture, with showrooms all over Hong Kong. It is operated under Ulferts International Limited (Stock code: 1711). Besides, Ulferts has diversified its businesses with different brand names. These include Ulfenbo for wholesaling and retailing of mattresses, sofas, and beddings, at.home for providing quality compact furniture and chic style home accessories, as well as Special Project for custom-made furniture projects, providing one-stop furnishing solutions for household and commercial purposes.