Merry Christmas – Enjoy a Wonderful Moment at Emperor Group Centre


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Christmas is coming! You can enjoy fun winer activities at Emperor Group Centre for a merry Christmas! Join us now!

Emperor Cinemas

At 13:00-21:00 on any two days of December 22, 23 and 24, 2018, the Spider-Man Cosplay will be on show at the Emperor Cinemas to share the Christmas Carnival moments with you!

Welcome to participate in the lucky draw to win gifts at the Emperor Cinemas on Christmas! For more exciting events, please follow the WeChat Official Account of Emperor Cinemas.

More high-quality movie experience are available at the Emperor Cinemas (Floor B1).

Emperor Watch & Jewellery

In the most romantic festival at the end of the year, choose a gift at Emperor Watch & Jewellery to express your love to your beloved one.

Happy shopping on Christmas with various gifts

Get a beautiful Christmas gift upon member registration

Get an exquisite ring (designed design) with purchase of One Row series

Discover your exclusive beauty at Emperor Watch & Jewellery (Unit 101, Floor 1).

Chow Tai Fook

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery at the Emperor Group Centre is characterized by its luxurious yet unique design, and the exquisite and personalized style, bringing you abundant of blessings in the new year.

Find your good fortune at Chow Tai Fook (Unit 103, Floor 1).


Garrard, a world-renowned British royal jewellery brand, is known for the custom jewellery with exquisite craftsmanship and intimate customer services, turning your infinite creativity into your own jewellery masterpiece.

Garrard gives you festive surprises in this Christmas. Customer will enjoy 5% off for all commodities in the store. Welcome to customize your exclusive jewelry.


Customize your exclusive jewellery at Garrard Jewelry (Unit 106, Floor 1).

Chef Nic Lab

You can enjoy a 10% discount for all food (including the dry noodles with sauce served at the product experience area) at the Chef Nic Lab between December 17 and December 25, 2018.

In addition, consumers will also receive limited Christmas cookie over sleeves and Christmas stickers during the promotional period.

Enjoy the petty bourgeoisie life experience at the Chef Nic Lab (Unit 110, Floor 1).


Steak house

Pang Shuo, the chef of Steak House, is the last disciple of Master Ouyang Qinglong and has more than 10 years' experience in cooking and developing western cuisine. Thanks to his superb cooking technology, you can enjoy the most delicious steak and experience the soul-deep pleasure with a glass of red wine.

Enjoy delicious steak at Steak House (Unit 201, Floor 2).

Will’s Witness

Will’s Fitness WYOGA Club boasts advanced fitness facilities, a wealth of fitness courses, and a professional fitness team, allowing you stay away from the city's noise and enjoy a comfortable fitness environment. It helps you to build a fabulous figure, and arouses your exude charms.

During the Christmas season, Will’s launches a preferential monthly pass with 10 times of free experience. Welcome to experience our high-quality service.

Notice for use:

*Customers with this voucher can enjoy free fitness for 10 times within 1 month at  Will’s Fitness WYOGA Club in Emperor Group Centre Beijing (only for use in specified clubs);

*This promotion is only applicable to non-members’ first trial (each customer can only enjoy this promotion for once);

*Customers must present the ID card or other valid certificates to attend the promotion activity;

*Please consult the front desk of the club before attending this activity;

*This promotion is only applicable to people at the age of 14-60;

*Service items are subject to the actual presentation of the club.

Tel.: 010-5643 3855

Address: Will’s Fitness, 3F, Emperor Group Centre,Emperor Group Centre, No.12D Jianwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Rules of use: Please visit Will’s Fitness WYOGA Club at Emperor Group Centre Beijing to apply for the preferential card with 10 times of free fitness (Please bring your valid ID certificates. Qualified objects: non-members who have not purchased any services,  or customers whose membership has expired for half a year or above).

Enjoy a healthy life at Will’s Fitness (Unit 301, Floor 3).

Welcome to Emperor Group Centre to enjoy more wonderful activities!

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