Enjoy Your Time at Emperor Group Centre Hit This Summer in Your Best Condition


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Summer is almost synonymous with high temperatures, but at the Emperor Group Centre, summer is also a unique season. It is there for our unforgettable memories and for your good time.

Midsummer is a season of love, a good time to get around with the amazing scent of flowers and singing cicadas. To experience a different style, the Wings Reflection series is well worth trying! The gentle colouring allows you to start enjoying the shining summer days. The delicate and energetic design makes it impressive, like a gem dancing in the wind.

Customize your exclusive jewellery at Garrard Jewellery, Unit 106, Floor 1, Emperor Group Centre.

Steak House

We may all have a unique feeling about summer in our memory.A 22% discount will be offered for a single order of steakuntil June 30, 2019(not concurrent with other discounts and promotions). When birds and insects sing and the breeze touches, come and enjoy the steak time chatting with your best friends. This is what should be done in summer!

Enjoy delicious steak at Steak House, Unit 201, Floor 2, Emperor Group Centre, Beijing

Pacific Coffee

Summer comes after the spring! Pacific Coffee at Emperor Group Centre in Beijing is ready to calm you down byoffering three special new drinks with the theme “Hello, sweet summer!” until July 9, 2019.They are here for your sweet summer. If you have nowhere to kill time in the hot weekends, then come and cool up yourself in the Pacific Coffee!

A premium coffee experience at Pacific Coffee, Unit 109, Floor 1, Emperor Group Centre, Beijing

Yu Ji Seafood Plaza

The summer breeze dances with the heat waves, making the aroma of food to waft through the air. Here we offer special promotions just in time in the summer.A delicious complimentary grouper will be presented to those spending RMB 400 or more, and a Boston lobster will be presented to those spending RMB 800 yuan or more.“Food” power is fully steered up to make up the summer energy and unlock the summer carnival!

For a food feast, see you at Yu Ji Seafood Plaza, Unit 205, Floor 2, Emperor Group Centre, Beijing

As summer is still here, meet up your friends at the Emperor Group Centre and create exclusive memories together!

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