Emperor Group Centre with You, True Feedback: Festival Plus Gifts Hit!


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Merry Christmas  Let's Carnival!

The winter wind will blow the Christmas bells jingle, the distance of the elk ready to go. Emperor Group Centre is expected to planning an activity, named Emperor Group Centre with you, the true feedback. For details of the activity, please visit the Wechat official account of Emperor Group Centre to participate in the lucky draw and enjoy multiple gifts!

Time for lucky draw

December 23, 2021


5 sets of Emperor Watch and Jewellery Birthday gift certificates, several V-ZUG in-store service gift certificates, 10 Wagas drink vouchers, 20 Steak House dessert vouchers, 

several Hong Men Jin Tang dessert vouchers15 Yue Hai Yu Ji dessert vouchers, 20 Chao Hao Wei drink vouchers, several Will's  fitness experience cards for newcomer


Time for exchange

From December 23, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (the specific time is subject to the business hours of merchants)


Place of exchange

Designated merchants in Emperor Group Centre


Exchange requirements

The winners with effective exchange vouchers within the specified time need go to the designated merchants for offline exchange. Overdue redemption will be deemed as automatic waiver.

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